Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I discovered yesterday that I am able to edit my blog and create new posts, after a gap of nearly nine months. Back in September of 2005, blogger started having trouble publishing my blog and stopped adding any new posts I'd make. The progress page would endlessly loop at the 7% mark when I'd try to publish. I found some discussion on that net that seemed to suggest that this was a problem with many non-English blogs. Blogger seems to have finally fixed this problem.

So, yep, watch this space for more posts. :)

Also, you guys may have noticed that the blog title has change from "త్యాగరాజ కృతులు" to "తెలుగు కృతులు". I'll be trascribing songs by other poets too. However, I intend to limit the content to compisitions of a spiritual/devotional nature.

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