Monday, June 06, 2005

నెనరుంచినాను (త్యాగరాజు, రాగం మాళవి)

నెనరుంచినాను ఆన్నిటికి నిధానుడను నేను నీదుపై

ఘనాఘజీముథా శుగ జలధి గంభీర నీ పాదములపై

కలిలొ మాటలు నెర్చుకొని కాంతలను తనయుల బ్రొచుటకు
శిలాత్ముదై పలుకా నేరనుర శ్రీ త్యాగరాజాప్తు నీయడ


asankhya said...
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kiran kumar Chava said...

good effort, keep it up.

good template also.

I like red :-)

A. Noname Moose said...

Asankhya, thanks for the critique.
Kiran, thanks for the encouragement.

The color scheme is supposed to be vermillion and turmeric - the "Hindu" colors. I plan to keep it that way for now. Maybe I'll change it later if too many people want it changed.

asankhya said...

really commendable work! would like to see it as a repositary of tyagaraja kritis..

note: there was a typo in the previous post, so I deleted it

v_tel001 said...

I am very happy to see a blog dedicated to Thyagaraja Kritis. Also the template is nice.
All the best and keep it up!